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Let's Take A Field Trip
Tuesday, March 27, 2018
1 hour, 7 minutes
Lane Tech College Prep high school
Tim Cook
Intro Video
Intro Video
One small thing can change the world
Tim Cook
  • Delighted to be in Chicago
  • CPS is working with Apple to teach kids coding
  • Lane Tech has more kids going on to get PHDs than any other school in the country
  • Notes Apple's 40th birthday
  • Apple created programs Wheels for the Mind, Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow, and Everyone Can Code
  • Working with other organizations around the world to teach more people how to code
  • 8:37
    Teacher Talk
    Kathleen Richardson
  • Tells an anecdote about a teacher who used iPads and veterans to teach history
  • 10:45
    Tim Cook
  • Shares an inspirational education quote that ends with "of men" from Horace Mann, appending "and women" without skipping a beat
  • Talks about a few specific schools around the world
  • Says their first announcement today is regarding iPad
  • 12:35
    Greg Joswiak
  • Itemizes how teachers and students love the iPad
  • There are a million apps in the App Store, and 200,000 in the Education section
  • Invites on stage a teacher who uses iPads in their classroom
  • Teacher Talk
    Teacher Talk
    Cassey Williams
    Woodberry Down Primary School in London
  • The most popular iPad has been the inexpensive 9.7" model, with an education price of $299
  • Intro Video
    Intro Video
    A Masterpiece
  • The new 9.7" iPad supports the Apple Pencil
  • 21:24
    Greg Joswiak
  • New versions of Pages, Keynote and Numbers for iPad are being released today that support Apple Pencil
  • Gives a sneak peak at a beta features in Pages called Smart Annotation
  • The Mac app iBooks Author has been used to create amazing textbooks, and is coming to the iPad, and getting merged into Pages
  • 25:22
    Greg Joswiak
  • Recaps all the specs of the new iPad, noting it has the A10 chip
  • 26:40
    Greg Joswiak
  • iOS is the biggest AR market in the world
  • Shows a video demo of Boulevard AR by Boulevard
  • Shows a video demo of Free Rivers by the World Wildlife Fund
  • Shows a video demo of Froggipedia by Designmate
  • Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    "And instead of dissecting a frog, which can have both cost and safety implications, not to mention some serious implications for the frog..."
    Greg Joswiak
  • The new iPad maintains the same price of $329 for consumers and $299 in education
  • 31:13
    Greg Joswiak
  • GarageBand gets a sound pack for kids
  • 31:20
    Greg Joswiak
  • Clips gets new shapes, styles and posters
  • 31:35
    Greg Joswiak
  • Announces Shared iPad and Apple School Manager, an account management system for iPads
  • Educational iCloud accounts will get 200GB of online storage
  • 33:50
    Greg Joswiak
  • Announces a rugged iPad case and low-cost "Apple Pencil" called Crayon from Logitech
  • 34:56
    Swift Playgrounds
    Susan Prescott
  • Talks about the iPad Classroom app, and announces that it is coming in a beta form to Mac in June
  • Announces Schoolwork app, a way for teachers to assign homework and handouts directly to students, using the new ClassKit framework
  • Emphasizes the privacy features of these apps
  • Describes their online learning program, Apple Teacher Center
  • Teacher Talk
    Teacher Talk
    Nikole Blanchard
    The Dunham School in Baton Rouge
  • Recaps Everyone Can Code, Swift, and Swift Playgrounds
  • Announces ARKit module in Everyone Can Code
  • Teacher Talk
    Teacher Talk
    Kasia Derza
    Mariano Azuela Elementary in Chicago
  • Apple is creating a new curriculum called Everyone Can Create
  • Thanks teachers for doing what they do
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    What's it like to be a teacher?
    Tim Cook
  • Recaps the day's announcements
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    Oh Homework, You Stink
  • Invites teachers to the first Everyone Can Create session at the new Michigan Avenue Apple Store in Chicago
  • Thanks teachers
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