The quick reference guide to Apple's keynotes
WWDC '16
Monday, June 13, 2016
2 hours, 3 minutes
Bill Graham Auditorium
Livestream & Developers & Press
Tim Cook
A high definition 21:9 version is available on Apple's YouTube channel.
Tim Cook
  • Holds a moment of silence for the victims of the Orlando massacre
  • There are now 13 million registered developers
  • WWDC is sold out with over 5000 attendees from 74 countries
  • There are now 2 million apps on the App Store, downloaded 130 billion times
  • Developers have been paid $50 billion
  • Says that Apple wants to change lives by making great products
  • Will cover all four platforms today
  • 8:34
    Kevin Lynch
  • watchOS 3 keeps apps in memory and uses background updates to allow them to launch instantly
  • Shows the app OneFootBall launching in watchOS 2 and watchOS 3
  • The bottom button of the Apple Watch will now be an app switcher
  • Control Centre can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom
  • Scribble allows the user to quietly write out a message
  • watchOS 3 adds some new watch faces
  • 13:45
    Stacey Lysik
  • Does a demo of watchOS 3, including sending a Mandarin character as a message
  • 17:35
    Kevin Lynch
  • Announces an emergency feature to call 911 from the watch and alert your emergency contacts
  • 19:30
    Jay Blahnik
  • Introduces Activity sharing
  • Wheelchair users of Apple Watch will have updated apps to take it into consideration
  • watchOS 3 adds a new Breathe app to remind the user to take moments during the day to relax or meditate
  • Shows a quote from Deepak Chopra
  • 25:52
    Kevin Lynch
    Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    "I was actually using the breathe app backstage to help me a bit."
  • Developers will get access to new APIs, including ApplePay, gyroscope, accelerometer, heart rate, SpriteKit, SceneKit, crown and touch events, speaker audio, inline video, Game Center and CloudKit
  • watchOS 3 is available for developers today, and for users in the Fall
  • 27:53
    Eddy Cue
  • Shows some quotes from companies that have put apps on tvOS
  • The last AppleTV had 80 video channels, and the new AppleTV now has 6000 apps
  • Shows screenshots of new tvOS apps Sling, Fox Sports, Molitof (france), NBA 2K, Minescraft, Sketch Party
  • A new version of the Remote app for iOS will be coming that has all the features of the Siri Remote
  • Siri has been improved to search by topics and on YouTube, and jumping into live programming faster
  • tvOS 2 will add single sign-on to authenticate all apps, a dark mode, and auto-downloading of apps bought on iOS devices
  • Developers get access to ReplayKit, PhotoKit, and HomeKit
  • Developers get a beta of tvOS 2 today, and users get it in the Fall
  • 35:36
    Craig Federighi
  • Apple is renaming OS X to macOS
  • Announces the latest version, macOS Sierra
  • Users with an Apple Watch can unlock their Macs without entering a password
  • macOS Sierra adds a universal clipboard between Apple devices
  • There are 10 billion customer documents in iCloud
  • Files on the desktop will now sync between Macs and be available on iOS devices
  • Optimized storage will move less used files to iCloud, and clean up unneeded files
  • macOS Sierra adds Apple Pay on web sites
  • ApplePay is coming to Switzerland, France, and Hong Kong
  • Tabs come to every app
  • Playing videos can be moved to their own picture-in-picture
  • Siri is coming to the Mac with macOS Sierra
  • Does a demo of Siri on the Mac
  • Capitalization Joke
    Capitalization Joke
    "How do you like being on a Mac?"
    "Pretty awesome. Lots of space. Aluminum unibody walls. And no complaint about the lack of windows."
  • macOS Sierra is available as a beta to developers today, as a public beta in July, and to users in the Fall
  • 50:21
    Craig Federighi
  • Introduces iOS 10, with 10 major new user features:
  • 1. A new user experience, with a redesigned lock screen, richer notifications, and
  • 2. Siri is opened to third-party developers for messaging, ride booking, photo search, workouts, payments, and VoIP calling apps
  • Siri handles 2 billion requests a week
  • 3. QuickType uses deep learning to give better suggestions and allows multilingual typing
  • 4. The Photos app gets advanced computer vision, done locally on device, to make photos searchable, and groups photos together into memories
  • Does a demo of the updated Photos app
  • 1:06:17
    Eddy Cue
  • 5. Maps has a new design, will be more proactive, and will have new APIs for developers
  • 6. Apple Music has a new design
  • Apple Music has 15 million users
  • 1:11:05
    Apple Music
    Bozoma Saint John
  • Does a demo of the updated Apple Music app
  • Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    "We're going to pause this, because some of you aren't rapping to the beat."
    "I could get my strut on. It's too early for that. I don't want to hurt you guys."
    Eddy Cue
  • 7. News has a new design and adds subscriptions
  • There are 60 million active users in News
  • 1:18:52
    Craig Federighi
  • 8. HomeKit access is now centralized in a single Home app
  • 9. The Phone app adds voicemail transcription, spam detection and third-party VoIP access
  • 10. The Messages app adds rich links, inline video, better camera access, larger and tap-to-replace emoji, bubble effects, invisible ink, handwritten messages, full-screen effects
    Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    "Someone in marketing thought that's what someone sees when they bring up their camera. You can also slide over and see Its such an incongruous set of images."
    Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    "Children of tomorrow will have no understanding of the English language"
  • 1:29:16
    Bethany and Emron
  • Does a demo of the new Messages app in iOS 10
  • 1:35:32
    Craig Federighi
  • Announces new iMessage apps for third-party developers to add stickers,
  • Does a demo of iMessage apps
  • Classic Six Color Logo Appearance
    Classic Six Color Logo Appearance
    Appears as an iMessage app
  • Quickly lists off some other new features of iOS 10: notes collaboration, conversation views in email, Live Photo editing, and iPad Safari split-view
  • Notes that iOS uses end-to-end encryption and on-device intelligence without user profiling
  • iOS uses a new technology called differential privacy at huge scale
  • Shows a quote from the professor who co-wrote the book on differential privacy
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    Hey, Hi, Hello
  • iOS 10 is available to developers today, as a public beta in July, and to users in the Fall
  • 1:45:03
    Swift Playgrounds
    Tim Cook
  • Reviews the release of the Swift language
  • Announces a learning tool for iPad called Swift Playgrounds
  • 1:47:48
    Swift Playgrounds
    Cheryl Thomas
  • Does a demo of Swift Playgrounds
  • 1:54:22
    Swift Playgrounds
    Tim Cook
  • Swift Playgrounds will be a free app available to users in the Fall
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    let today = newBeginnings
  • Recaps the day's announcements
  • Memoria

    In early 2014, the BBC handed down a new directive to the producers of its comedy shows: no more all-men panels. From that day on, comedy shows like QI would always have at least one woman each episode.

    I suspect a similar directive was quietly set in 2015 for all Apple keynotes as well. As this chart (made June 2017) illustrates, there is a dramatic difference between the number of female Apple employees on stage at keynotes before and after 2015.

    Tim Cook's Apple takes diversity seriously, and they've got a dedicated web page for it.

    This is new. While Steve Jobs was CEO of Apple, there were no on-stage female Apple presenters at all. None. Apple employees Heidi Hedlund and Cheryl Vedoe appeared in a video once each, and Steve did some video calls with Danika Cleary and Christine O'Sullivan to demo the new iChat software. While the problem stemmed primarily from the lack of women at the vice-president level of the company, there were many keynotes where Steve just handled all the talking. It's hard to be diverse when there's only one speaker.

    For non-Apple third-party presenters, there were seven women who gave demos on stage during this era, plus one who was clearly invited but couldn't make it: Pepsi's Dawn Hudson, who was instead shown on a prerecorded video. The most prolific female appearance during that era was Microsoft's Roz Ho, who appeared three years in a row, showing off updates to Microsoft Office.

    Things did not change immediately when Tim Cook took over as CEO. The inflection point came with WWDC 2015, when Apple used for the first time two female presenters on stage. Every single Apple keynote since that one has had at least one female on-stage speaker, with a high point, so far, of four female Apple presenters at WWDC '16, a full 40% of the Apple speakers that day. The female representation on stage was breathtaking, especially with Bozoma Saint John strutting her stuff. Here's the female-male Apple speaker ratio since they started appearing on stage:

    While the ratio of women to men will ebb and flow at future events based on what products need to be demoed — Susan Prescott is their go-to iWork demo-person these days, for instance — it feels like at the very least, it won't hit zero again.