The quick reference guide to Apple's keynotes
WWDC '14
Monday, June 2, 2014
1 hour, 58 minutes
Moscone West
Livestream & Developers & Press
Tim Cook
A high definition version is available on Apple's YouTube channel.
Intro Video
Intro Video
What does a developer look like?
Tim Cook
  • 25th anniversary of this developer conference
  • 9 million registered Apple developers
  • 8:39
    Tim Cook
  • Mac install base of 80 million
  • 40 million copies of Mac OS X Mavericks installed, for a 51% user adoption, the fastest in PC history. Windows 8 is at 14%
  • 10:50
    Mac OS X
    Craig Federighi
    Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    "We collected our crack product marketing team, shoved them in their VW minibus and sent them out on the road...OS X Oxnard...OS X Rancho Cucamonga...OS X Weed...strangely this one had large pockets of support within the product marketing organization...and they set off on what was then a somewhat more circuitous path..."
  • Announces Mac OS X Yosemite, with a new interface, redone apps, and Continuity
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    Showing off the new user interface
  • Goes through the new user interface, with lots of translucency and a dark mode
  • Notification Center gets a Today view and widgets
  • Spotlight gets a new interface and can access services on the Internet
  • Does a demo showing off the new user interface, Notification Center, and Spotlight
  • Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    "You've just not had chili by the campfire until you've eaten it with one of Jony's custom-crafted aluminium spoons. It's the diamond-cut chamfered edges that really make the experience"
  • Introduces iCloud Drive for syncing any kind of files, Mail Drop for large attachments, and Markup for annotating mail and PDFs
  • Safari has a cleaner interface, with more sharing options, a tab view, private windows, and has speed and energy improvements
  • 30:08
    Mac OS X
    Brian Croll
  • Does a demo of the new features of Safari and Mail
  • 34:39
    Mac OS X
    Craig Federighi
  • Introduces Continuity, with universal AirDrop, and Handoff, giving you the ability to change devices and keep doing what you were doing
  • Adding the ability to use the Mac for phone calls and SMS messages, using the iPhone as a relay
  • Does a demo of Continuity, and phones Dr. Dre
  • Yosemite is available to developers today, and users will get it in the Fall for free
  • Introduces a public open beta program
  • 44:18
    Tim Cook
  • 100 million iPod touches, 200 million iPad, and 500 million iPhones sold
  • 130 million customers new to Apple last year
  • Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    "They had bought an Android phone, by mistake, and then had sought a better experience, and a better life"
    Customer Sat
    Customer Sat
    "The customer sat with iOS 7 is really off the charts"
  • 89% of iOS users are on latest version, while 9% of Android users are using KitKat
  • Posits that Android has 99% of all malware, and shows a quote about Android's security issues
  • Introduces iOS 8, with new user and developer features
  • 49:51
    Craig Federighi
  • In iOS 8, notifications are interactive, and there's new swiping gestures to deal with mail
  • Does a demo of several iOS 8 enhancements
  • Hair Force One
    Hair Force One
    Received an email with an image of Jony Ive with Craig's hair
  • Spotlight has access to more Internet services
  • QuickType gives you word suggestions while typing on the keyboard
  • In Messages, it's easier to manage group threads and quickly record messages and send them
  • 1:00:33
    Greg Joswiak
  • Does a demo of the new Messages app
  • Hair Force One
    Hair Force One
    Craig sends a video of his latest hair crisis
    Craig Federighi
  • Goes through how iCloud Drive works in iOS 8
  • Reviews the Device Enrollment Program, and then highlights some new Enterprise features in iOS 8
  • Introduces HealthKit and the Health app, and shows a quote from the CEO of the Mayo Clinic
  • Unveils Family Sharing Our fridge looked just like this, except the kid had grey hair
  • All your photos will now be saved in iCloud, and accessible by any device
  • Does a demo of the new Photos app, and gives a sneak peak at the new Photos app for Mac
  • Also highlights Hey Siri with song recognition, and Chinese improvements in Maps
  • 1:21:58
    App Store
    Tim Cook
  • 1.2 million apps in the App Store downloaded 75 billion times
  • 300 million people visit the App Store every week
  • App Store gets an Explore tab, trending searches, continuous scrolling, related searches, App bundles and previews
  • Announces Apple's free TestFlight for developer testing
  • 1:26:19
    Developer Tools/APIs
    Craig Federighi
  • Introduces Extensibility, allowing apps to project logic and UI into other apps
  • Does a demo of photo filters, widgets in Notification Center, and extensions in Safari
  • Reveals that developers can also make their own system-wide keyboards
  • Introduces APIs for Touch ID, camera, photos, HealthKit and HomeKit
  • Shows off CloudKit, allowing developers to use iCloud as their server
  • Shows some sample apps that use Metal, a new 3D graphics API
  • Third Party Demo
    Third Party Demo
    Epic Games's Tim Sweeney & Josh Adams
    Zen Garden
  • SpriteKit has been enhanced with light sources, field forces and per-pixel physics
  • SceneKit, a 3D scene renderer is also coming to iOS 8
  • The latest Xcode has been downloaded 14 million times
  • Introduces a new programming language called Swift, with Playgrounds
  • 1:47:26
    Chris Lattner
  • Does a demo of writing Swift code in a Swift playground
  • 1:52:11
    Craig Federighi
  • iOS 8 is available in beta for developers today, and to users in the Fall
  • 1:54:10
    Tim Cook
  • Summarizes the days announcements
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