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Tuesday, October 22, 2013
1 hour, 23 minutes
Yerba Buena Center
Livestream & Press
Tim Cook
A high definition version is available on Apple's YouTube channel.
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Introductory Video
Introductory Video
Designed by Apple in California
Tim Cook
  • Quotes some reviews for the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S
  • 9 million sold the first weekend
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    The debut of the new iPhones at retail stores in New York City, Shanghai and London
  • Quotes a review for iOS 7
  • 200 million devices updated to iOS 7 in the first five days, and now 64% are running it
  • Shows a quote from Justin Timberlake about iTunes Radio
  • 20 million people have listened to a billion songs
  • 9:08
    App Store
    Tim Cook
  • 1 million apps on store, downloaded 60 billion times, sending $13 billion to developers
  • 9:45
    Tim Cook
  • It all just works together with iOS devices
  • Competition is confused, releasing netbooks and tablets that are PCs
  • 11:35
    Mac OS X
    Craig Federighi
  • One hour longer browsing on a single charge with Mavericks on a MacBook Air
  • Compressed memory allows the Mac to fit 6 GB of memory in 4 GB of RAM
  • Mavericks can adjust memory dedicated to graphics as needed
  • OpenCL now uses integrated graphics chips as well as discrete
  • Mentions features like shared links, enhanced notifications, tags in Finder, improved multiple display support
  • Adds Maps and iBooks apps to the Mac
  • Does a demo of these new features
  • Hair Force One
    Hair Force One
    His wife, Hair Force Two, messages him about his scandalous untucked shirt
  • Announces that Mavericks will be free for everyone starting today
  • 24:50
    MacBook Pro
    Phil Schiller
  • Quotes some reviews for the new MacBook Air
  • 13" MacBook Pro gets 4th-gen Intel Haswell chip, more battery life, faster flash storage, 802.11ac, Thunderbolt 2, is lighter and thinner and reduced in price to $1299
  • 15" MacBook Pro get 4th-gen Intel Crystalwell chip, Iris Pro graphics, more battery life, faster flash storage, 802.11ac, Thunderbolt 2, and is reduced in price to $1999
  • 31:20
    Mac Pro
    Phil Schiller
  • Uses Intel Xeon E5 with 4, 6, 8 or 12 cores
  • Uses the fastest flash storage and RAM
  • Has two graphics cards standard
  • Quotes filmmaker Dean Devlin on how Mac Pro fares with video editing
  • Quotes photographer Lucas Gilman on using Mac Pro for photogaphy
  • Quotes music producer Stuart Price on using a Mac Pro in the recording studio
  • Starts at $2999 and for sale in December
  • Mac Pro uses 43 watts and puts out 12 decibels at idle
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    Jeff Williams introduces some footage of Mac Pro being assembled in the USA
    Eddy Cue
  • iPhoto for Mac gets a new user interface
  • iPhoto for iPad now allows you to make printed books
  • 43:15
    Eddy Cue
  • iMovie for iOS updated with easier sharing and more special effects
  • iMovie on the Mac has a new user interface and an iMovie Theater
  • 44:39
    Eddy Cue
  • GarageBand for iOS now can handle 16 tracks, 32 on 64-bit devices
  • New user interface and sound library on the Mac
  • 45:25
    Xander Soren
  • Does a demo of the new GarageBand, featuring an automatic drummer
  • 48:30
    Eddy Cue
  • Rewritten for iOS 7 and iCloud, with file compatibility across all platforms
  • iOS version has a more powerful keyboard
  • Mac version has a context-sensitive panel for showing controls
  • 50:40
    Eddy Cue
  • Charts are now interactive
  • 51:04
    Eddy Cue
  • New effects, animations, and transitions
  • 52:02
    Roger Rosner
  • Does a demo of the new Pages
  • Collaborates with Eddy Cue on a poster for a gig, with the two of them editing it in real-time
  • 55:54
    Eddy Cue
  • Now free with the purchase of any new Mac or iOS device
  • 57:10
    Tim Cook
  • Shows some disparaging quotes that were skeptical of iPad's potential like "I can't see a need for the thing"
  • 170 million iPads sold
  • 81% usage share
  • Rated #1 in customer satisfaction
  • 475,000 apps on the App Store designed for iPad
  • Shows a favourable quote about iPad
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    Montage of people using their iPads
    Phil Schiller
  • Introduces the fifth-generation iPad, renamed iPad Air
  • It's thinner and has a smaller bezel, giving a weight of one pound
  • Includes the A7 chip with M7 coprocessor and MIMO antennas
  • White Zone
    We Made a Video
    (Starring People Trapped in a White Phantom Zone)
    Jony Ive      Dan Riccio      Craig Federighi
  • iPad Mini updated with a retina display and A7 chip
  • New covers and cases available
  • 1:19:53
    Tim Cook
  • Reviews today's announcements
  • We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    A pencil hides the iPad Air in various settings

    Whereas the original iMac showed us that a computer can be well-designed and beautiful, I think it can be argued that the PowerMac G4 Cube was the first product that modern Apple has released where design was actually more important than the computer itself.

    The Cube is clearly not the result of building the best and most capable PowerMac they could at the time. The intention was to create as small and as quiet and as beautiful a PowerMac as humanly possible given the technology of 2000. This computer is so linked with design that it's frequently noted as having appeared on exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, even though they have several iMacs and an iPod in their collection as well.

    The Cube was a failure in the marketplace and cancelled after a year. The full-sized and expandable tower PowerMac soldiered on, becoming the Mac Pro on the switch to Intel in 2006.

    The redesigned 2013 Mac Pro, first previewed at WWDC 2013 and then fully revealed in this keynote, is so evocative of that short-lived PowerMac. Each eschews the typical computer shapes for a bolder one: a cube and a cylinder. They are the same height: just shy of 10 inches. Both take a radical approach to cooling, the original with fanless convection, and the new one with a thermal core and a single large fan pushing air out the top. Both are labelled as being assembled in the USA.

    These two Mac Pro keynotes, this one and WWDC 2013, both started with an intro video before Tim Cook walked out on stage. It's a beautifully animated vignette distilling Apple's product philosophy, emphasizing that there are a thousand no's for every yes. The video ends with the slogan "Designed by Apple in California", the first time that phrase has ever been used in an Apple keynote.

    What was the first computer that Apple put "Designed by Apple in California" on? The PowerMac G4 Cube.