The quick reference guide to Apple's keynotes
Education Event
Thursday, January 19, 2012
1 hour
Guggenheim Museum, NYC
Phil Schiller
A high definition version is available on YouTube.
You can download a high definition copy from Apple's Keynote 1080p podcast.
Phil Schiller
  • Talks about how important education is to Apple, and the challenges that exist, showing that the United States is not high on the world rankings
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    Compilation of teachers' difficulties
  • Over 20,000 education and learning apps for iPad in the App Store
  • 8:12
    Phil Schiller
  • Books invented in the mid-14th century
  • Not the ideal modern teaching tool. They have great content, but aren't durable, interactive, searchable, updateable, or very portable once you have to carry a bunch
  • iBooks 2 has a new textbook experience for the iPad
  • 10:55
    Roger Rosner
  • Does a demo of textbooks with the new iBooks 2, showing interactive videos and diagrams, with lesson reviews and study cards
  • 21:47
    Phil Schiller
  • Summarizes the new features of iBooks 2
  • 22:52
    iBooks Author
    Phil Schiller
  • Unveils the way these interactive books are created, a new Mac app called iBooks Author
  • 23:46
    iBooks Author
    Roger Rosner
  • Does a demo of iBooks Author, with built-in templates, and a gallery of interactive widgets
  • 31:49
    iBooks Author
    Phil Schiller
  • Summarizes iBooks Author, available as a free download today
  • Apple has partnered with high school textbook publishers to get several books ready for the iBookstore's new Textbook section
  • Shows some sample books by Pearson, McGrawHill, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, DK Publishing, and E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    Interviews with teachers describing issues with existing textbooks
    Eddy Cue & Roger Rosner go through the new features of iBooks 2 and iBooks Author
    With McGraw Hill's Terry McGraw, Pearson's Marjorie Scardino, LA Unified School District's John Deasy, and Lexington High School's Walt Overbay speaking about the potential for the future
    iTunes U
    Eddy Cue
  • Over 1000 universities already using iTunes U, with 700 million downloads, primarily lectures
  • Shows a video from a physics lecture
  • Introduces a new iTunes U app for iPad and iPhone
  • 50:04
    iTunes U
    Jeff Robbin
  • Does a demo of iTunes U on the iPad, with a dark mahogany bookshelf
  • Includes syllabus, assignments, teacher posts, and iBooks notes integration
  • 54:50
    iTunes U
    Eddy Cue
  • Summarizes the new iTunes U app, with over a hundred courses from six universities already available
  • K-12 schools can also sign up now
  • Available for free to download today
  • 57:10
    Phil Schiller
  • Shows a classic photo of students using Apple IIe's
  • Highlights some historical Apple education programs like Kids Can't Wait, Apple Classroom of Tomorrow, and Wheels for the Mind
  • Classic Six Color Logo Appearance
    Classic Six Color Logo Appearance
    Appearing on the logos for Kids Can't Wait and ACOT