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iPhone 4 Press Conference
Friday, July 16, 2010
34 minutes
Apple Town Hall
Steve Jobs
A standard definition version is available on YouTube.
Intro Video
Intro Video
Jonathan Mann's The iPhone Antenna Song
Steve Jobs
  • Starts with the line "We're not perfect. Phones aren't perfect."
  • Apple wants to make all their users happy
  • iPhone 4 has sold 3 million units so far, rated #1 by many publications, and highest customer satisfaction of any phone ever
  • Reports of issues with antenna dubbed Antennagate
  • Apple employees working our butts off for 22 days on this issue
  • But says it is not unique to iPhone 4, and shows videos of the same phenomena on the Blackberry Bold 9700 by RIM, the HTC Droid Eris, and the Samsung Omnia II
  • Every phone has weak spots, but we made it too visible where the weak spot is on the iPhone 4; the bars are also incorrect
  • Shows photos of the state of the art test facility, with 17 anechoic chambers, costs $100 million, and has 18 PhD scientists and engineers working in it
  • AppleCare has received a call about antenna or reception from 0.55% of iPhone 4 users
  • Return rates at AT&T for iPhone 3GS was 6.0% and 1.7% for iPhone 4
  • AT&T call drop rate for iPhone 4 increased by less than 1 per 100 compared to iPhone 3GS
  • Steve's pet theory is that 3GS already had a healthy accessory market, and 80% of new customers left with a case. With iPhone 4 only 20% did because bumpers are the only option so far
  • So this affects only a small number of users, but we care about every user
  • Actions: iOS 4.0.1 to address antenna bars
  • Consumer Reports says the bumper case fixes the problem. "Ok great let's give everybody a free case"
  • If you're still not happy still get a full refund within of 30 days
  • Proximity sensor will be fixed in the next software update
  • White iPhone 4 available at the end of July
  • Also at the end of July, will be available in 17 more countries
  • To sum up: we love our users, motivated by making products they love and surprise them, we've built 300 retail stores for them
  • When we fall short, we try harder and they reward us by staying our users
  • We take it really personally "Maybe we should have a wall of PR people keeping us away from all that," but we don't
  • Q&A Session
    Q&A Session
    Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Bob Mansfield