The quick reference guide to Apple's keynotes
Here we go again
Wednesday, September 7, 2005
1 hour, 9 minutes
Moscone West
Steve Jobs
A standard definition version, with the performance by Kanye West missing, is available on YouTube.
Steve Jobs
  • Gives a shout out to Yo Yo Ma in the audience
  • 1:07
    Steve Jobs
  • iTunes has sold 500 million songs, at a rate of 1.8 million a day, giving it a market share of 82% in the United States
  • There are iTunes Music Stores in 20 countries
  • There are now 15,000 podcasts in the directory, and there are 7 million subscriptions already
  • The library contains 2 million songs for sale, and there are 10 million account with credit cards
  • Announces that the Harry Potter audiobooks will be available exclusively on iTunes, either separately, in a bundle, or with a special Harry Potter iPod
  • Calls Madonna in London using iChat to thank her for putting her entire music catalogue on iTunes
  • Lists the features of the new iTunes 5: a refined look, playlist folders, a search bar, Microsoft Outlook syncing, less random shuffling, and parental controls
  • Does a demo of iTunes 5
  • iTunes 5 is available today
  • 17:35
    Motorola ROKR
    Steve Jobs
    One More Thing...
    One More Thing...
    Motorola ROKR
  • Announces the Motorola ROKR, a cell phone that can play iTunes music, audiobooks and podcasts
  • Compares it to an iPod Shuffle
  • Does a demo of the Motorola ROKR, without showing the screen, and receives a call from Eddy Cue to show how the music pauses when a call comes in
  • Third Party Appearance
    Third Party Appearance
    Motorola's Ron Garriques speaks and shows a Motorola commercial
    Third Party Appearance
    Third Party Appearance
    Cingular's Ralph de la Vega speaks and shows the marketing campaign for the ROKR
    Steve Jobs
  • Apple sold 6 million iPods last quarter, giving it a market share of 74%
  • Says that Honda, Acura, Audi, and VW have signed up to add iPod integration to their cars
  • The iPod mini is the most popular MP3 player in the world, and that Apple is going to replace it with the iPod nano
  • Has a camera zoom in on his jeans pocket, but goes to the smaller one to pull out an iPod nano
  • Shows how much smaller by volume the iPod nano is compared to the original iPod, iPod mini, and several competitors
  • iPod nano has a color screen and displays photos, and adds multiple clocks, timer, and a screen lock
  • It also comes in black
  • Reveals the prices in reverse order, $249 for the 4 GB model, and $199 for the 2 GB
  • Goes through the accessories available: dock, lanyard, armband, and "nanotube" cases
  • We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    1000 songs, impossibly small
    Musical Guest
    Musical Guest
    Kanye West