The quick reference guide to Apple's keynotes
Apple Expo Paris 2003
Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Around an hour
Le Palais des Congrès de Paris
Public & Press
Steve Jobs
YouTube has a video with 2 minutes of audience recording, plus the last 15 minutes (when new products were introduced) which Apple published on its web site after the keynote.
MacRumors did a liveblog of the keynote.
Steve Jobs
  • iPods are selling well
  • Mentions that Apple just introduced new 20 and 40 GB models of iPod
  • PowerMac
    Steve Jobs
  • Goes through the architecture of the new PowerMac G5
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    Apple's Phil Schiller, Jon Rubinstein, & Jony Ive, plus IBM's Dr. John E. Kelly III, Pixar's Ed Catmull, Luxology's Brad Peebler, Adobe's Bruce Chizen, and Wolfram Research's Theodore Gray talk about the PowerMac G5
    Mac OS X
    Steve Jobs
  • Goes through the new features of Mac OS X Panther: the Unix and Windows compatibility, the new Finder, Exposé, File Vault, Pixlet, Preview enhancements, fast user switching, iChat AV
  • Does a demo of iChat AV by doing a video conference with Bertrand Sertlet
  • iChat has been downloaded 500,000 times
  • Panther will be available by the end of the year
  • PowerBook
    Steve Jobs
  • Last quarter, 42% of Macs sold were portables
  • Shows how thick the 17" notebook from Toshiba is compared to the 17" PowerBook
  • Recaps the backlit keyboard feature
  • Announces an updated 17" PowerBook with faster processor, graphics, RAM, cache, USB, and SuperDrive
  • Starting price has been lowered to $2999 and they are available today
  • The 12" PowerBook also gets an update with faster processor, more memory, a new graphics chip, USB 2, and a DVI connector
  • Introduces a new aluminum 15" PowerBook, with backlit keyboard option, and most of the features of the new 17" PowerBook
  • Available today starting at $1999
  • Peripherals
    Steve Jobs
    One More Thing...
    One More Thing...
    Wireless mouse and keyboard
  • Announces a new wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Both use Bluetooth, new adaptive frequency hopping software that makes them highly resistant to interference, and 128-bit encryption
  • Available in two weeks for $69 each
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