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Macworld New York 2003
Wednesday, July 16, 2003
1 hour, 10 minutes
Javitz Center, New York
Press & Public
Greg Joswiak
The video of this keynote doesn't appear to have ever been published on the web.
A liveblog summary of the keynote was published by AppleMatters.
A more detailed report of the keynote is available on the Mac Observer web site.
Mac OS X
Greg Joswiak
  • Mac OS X has an install base of 7 million users, with 6000 apps
  • Says that PTC is bringing Pro/CONCEPT 2.0 to Mac OS X
  • DVD Studio Pro 2 will be coming out next month
  • 5:00
    Final Cut Pro
    Greg Joswiak
  • Announces that users with Adobe Premiere can trade in their disc for a free copy of Final Cut Express or $500 off Final Cut Pro
  • The application Soundtrack has been pulled out of Final Cut Pro and can be purchased separately for $299
  • 15:00
    Mac OS X
    Greg Joswiak
  • Goes through the features of Mac OS X Panther: Font Book, improved PDF support, virtual postscript printing, AppleScript improvements, Exposé, Pixlet
  • Reviews the server version of Mac OS X Panther, with 50 new features
  • 32:00
    Greg Joswiak
  • Goes through the chip and system design of the PowerMac G5
  • Shows benchmarks comparing the PowerMac G5 to the fastest Intel chips, and notes that the settings were optimized on both platforms
  • Has a PowerMac G5 perform two tasks quicker than a Windows box performing one of those tasks
  • Shows not only can Logic get through a complicated song without stuttering on a PowerMac G5, but also a Mac version of Cubase can as well, compared to the Windows version of Cubase
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