The quick reference guide to Apple's keynotes
WWDC '03
Monday, June 23, 2003
2 hours, 2 minutes
Moscone West
Apple Stores & Universities & Developers & Press
Steve Jobs
A standard definition version is available on YouTube.
Steve Jobs
  • 3800 developers at the conference, of 300,000 total Mac OS X developers
  • 1:05
    Steve Jobs
  • 802.11g now ratified and a software update has been shipped
  • Apple has shipped 300,000 devices with 802.11g
  • 2:07
    Steve Jobs
  • There have been 17 million visitors to the 58 stores
  • Shows a photo of the new Chicago store, and renderings of the stores coming to San Francisco and Tokyo
  • 4:12
    Steve Jobs
  • Today Apple will ship the one millionth iPod
  • 5:00
    Steve Jobs
  • The iTunes Music Store has sold 5 million songs
  • Shows a clip of a Jay Leno parody of the iTunes Music Store commercial
  • 6:36
    Steve Jobs
  • Users have downloaded 5 million copies of the beta Safari app
  • Declares that today Safari exits beta and releases version 1.0
  • Releasing a Safari SDK today
  • 7:58
    Mac OS X
    Steve Jobs
  • There are now 7 million active users and 6000 apps on Mac OS X
  • Announces Panther, with 100 new features
  • Panther adds a lot more Unix and Windows features
  • Panther introduces a new Finder that is user centric instead of computer centric, has fastersearching, an action button and labels
  • Does a demo of the new Finder
  • iDisk has been updated to sync files automatically
  • Introduces Exposé, for quickly seeing all open windows at once, and does a demo
  • To secure your home folder, you can now use FileVault
  • Mail has been improved with HTML rendering, addresses becoming objects, and thread management
  • Panther has built-in fax support
  • Introduces, Pixlet, a studio-grade codec for QuickTime, requested by Pixar
  • Shows the PDF features of Preview
  • Panther adds FontBook, a font management tool
  • Says that iChat becomes iChat AV, adding audio and video chats
  • Does a demo by doing some video calls with Phil Schiller backstage, Jean Marie Hullot in Paris, and receives a video call from Al Gore
  • Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    "Takes a little longer to negotiate with France"
  • iChat AV will be available as a beta today, and will be bundled with Panther and available for Jaguar for $29
  • Panther will be available by the end of the year for $129
  • Shows some footage of a panther stalking prey, and then a "longhorn" cow chewing its cud
  • Microsoft
    Microsoft Opprobrium
    "Our competition was going to be ready in 2004. They've slipped to 2005, some people tell us they might slip to 2006."
    Steve Jobs
  • Announces the iSight firewire camera to accompany iChat AV
  • It includes three different stands for mounting atop monitors
  • iSight is available today for $149
  • Free Audience Giveaway
    Free Audience Giveaway
    An iSight camera
    Steve Jobs
  • Announces Xcode, a development tool for Mac OS X
  • Highlights how Xcode makes coding and compiling faster
  • 1:03:24
    Chris Espinosa
  • Does a demo of Xcode
  • 1:08:56
    Steve Jobs
  • Xcode is included in Mac OS X Panther
  • 1:09:22
    Steve Jobs
    One More Thing...
    One More Thing...
    PowerMac G5
    Rumor Acknowledgment
    Rumor Acknowledgment
    Premature specification on the Apple web site
  • Announces the world's fastest personal computer, the PowerMac G5
  • The G5 is a 64-bit processor running at speeds of up to 2 GHz
  • Goes through the architecture and specs of the G5 system
  • Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    "Massive branch prediction logic. I don't know what it does. Predicts branches."
    Third Party Appearance
    Third Party Appearance
    IBM's Dr. John E. Kelly III
  • Dismisses the old PowerMac enclosure as not good enough for the new PowerMac
  • Pedestal Reveal
    Pedestal Reveal
    PowerMac G5
  • The PowerMac G5 has nine fans and four cooling zones
  • Ships in August starting at $1999
  • Compares PowerMac G5 performance to the best consumer and server Intel Pentium chips
  • Third Party Appearance
    Third Party Appearance
    Adobe's Greg Gilley
    Phil Schiller
  • Runs a Photoshop script on a PowerMac G5 and Intel Xeon computer
  • Waiting
    Uncomfortable Waiting
    The Xeon computer is pretty slow
    Steve Jobs
    Third Party Demo
    Third Party Demo
    Luxology's Brad Peebler
    Motion Capture Animation (with Phil's help)
    Third Party Demo
    Third Party Demo
    Wolfram Research's Theodore Gray
    Mathematica 5
    Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    "It's got a spare processor, if you want to leave Microsoft Word running"
    Gerhard Lengeling
  • Details how powerful the G5 is running Logic
  • Does a demo with Phil of Logic on the PowerMac G5 and Cubase on Windows trying to play Matrix trailer music
  • 1:51:09
    Steve Jobs
  • Announces that they will be at 3 GHz within 12 months
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    Apple's Phil Schiller, Jon Rubinstein, & Jony Ive, plus IBM's Dr. John E. Kelly III, Pixar's Ed Catmull, Luxology's Brad Peebler, Adobe's Bruce Chizen, and Wolfram Research's Theodore Gray talk about the PowerMac G5
  • Reviews the year's announcements so far
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