The quick reference guide to Apple's keynotes
Macworld SF 2003
Tuesday, January 7, 2003
2 hours, 2 minutes
Moscone West
Livestream & Public & Press
Steve Jobs
A standard definition version is available on YouTube.
Steve Jobs
  • Notes that there are 130 countries streaming the keynote live, including the Vatican
  • "With a little help from my friends, everything will work today"
    Steve Jobs
  • 7.8 million unique visitors to the Switch web site, 68% running Windows
  • 3:07
    Steve Jobs
  • 51 stores now open across the United States
  • Shows photos of the NYC SoHo and LA Grove stores
  • The stores did $148 million in revenue last quarter
  • 1.4 million people visited the retail stores in December
  • 6:15
    Steve Jobs
  • 290,000 copies of Mac OS X have been distributed through the X for Teachers program
  • 7:05
    Steve Jobs
  • iCal 1.0.2 fixes bugs and improves performance
  • 1.1 million copies downloaded
  • Notes there are now web sites devoted to iCal calendars to subscribe to
  • 8:25
    Steve Jobs
  • Came out of beta and 1.0 was released last week
  • 9:01
    Steve Jobs
  • Reviews the features of .Mac
  • Over 250,000 paying subscribers despite some grumbling
  • 10:17
    Steve Jobs
  • Over 600,000 iPods have been shipped since it was released
  • iPod has a 42% market share in Japan
  • Announces a snowboarding/skiing jacket by Burton that has an iPod pocket and controls on the sleeve
  • 13:00
    Mac OS X
    Steve Jobs
  • There are now 5 million active users of Mac OS X
  • Announces that Microsoft will extend its Office Party promotion a further three months to allow buyers of new Macs to get $300 off of Office
  • Thanks Intuit for shipping QuickBooks Pro for Mac OS X
  • Notes that Nascar Racing 2002 is the first force-feedback game for Mac
  • Mentions that Virtual PC 6 is now available if you need to run a Windows app, "for some reason"
  • Thanks Macromedia for shipping Director for Mac OS X
  • Third Party Demo
    Third Party Demo
    Digidesign's Dave Lebolt
    Pro Tools for Mac OS X
    Final Cut Express
    Steve Jobs
  • Final Cut Pro is the number one video editor, but costs $999
  • Introduces a new app that removes a few pro features called Final Cut Express
  • 20:19
    Final Cut Express
    Phil Schiller
  • Does a demo of Final Cut Express
  • 23:56
    Final Cut Express
    Steve Jobs
  • Final Cut Express is available today for $299
  • 24:40
    Mac OS X
    Steve Jobs
  • Reiterates that all new Macs will only boot into Mac OS X
  • 25:35
    Digital Hub
    Steve Jobs
  • Reviews the Digital Hub strategy and the apps that support it
  • Says that all the apps have been rewritten to integrate with each other
  • 28:28
    Steve Jobs
  • iTunes has been downloaded 18 million times
  • There were hidden features in iTunes 3 that they can announce today
  • 29:08
    Steve Jobs
  • iPhoto has been downloaded 6 million times
  • Announces iPhoto 2, with iTunes integration, one-click enhance, retouching, and archiving photo to optical discs
  • Does a demo of iPhoto 2
  • 35:57
    Steve Jobs
  • iMovie has been downloaded 12 million times
  • Announces iMovie 3, with iPhoto, iTunes and iDVD integration, chapters, the Ken Burns effect, and precise audio editing
  • Does a demo of iMovie 3
  • 44:31
    Steve Jobs
  • iDVD has been distributed to 680,000 users
  • Announces iDVD 3, with iPhoto, iTunes and iMovie integration, 24 new themes, and scene selection
  • Does a demo of iDVD 3
  • 44:31
    Steve Jobs
  • iDVD has been distributed to 680,000 users
  • Announces iDVD 3, with iPhoto, iTunes and iMovie integration, 24 new themes, and scene selection
  • Does a demo of iDVD 3
  • Blank DVDs are now $3 a piece, and predicts that they'll reach $1 in 24 months
  • 52:54
    Steve Jobs
  • Announces that all these apps will be bundled into a set called iLife, available January 25
  • iTunes, iPhoto, and iMovie will still be available as a free download, but iDVD is too big
  • A boxed version of iLife will be available in stores for $49
  • 54:54
    Steve Jobs
  • Introduces the Safari icon and name before revealing it's a browser
  • Apple did a browser for two reasons: speed and innovation
  • Safari features SnapBack, a new bookmarking system, and is easy to use
  • Does a demo of Safari
  • Safari is based on WebKit, an open source rendering engine
  • Safari is available as a beta download starting today
  • 1:08:44
    Steve Jobs
  • Shows the Keynote icon before introducing the new Keynote app
  • Steve says "Keynote was built for me", and has been using it for all his presentations since Macworld SF 2002
  • Does a demo of Keynote
  • Available for $99 starting today
  • Free Audience Giveaway
    Free Audience Giveaway
    A copy of Keynote
    Steve Jobs
    We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    The incredibly thin, ultra-light, mega-widescreen, titanium portable supercomputer
  • Recaps the success of the 15" Titanium PowerBook
  • Notes that portables make up 35% of Mac sales, up from 20% two years ago, and predicts it'll go over 50% soon
  • Announces the 17" PowerBook, using the same display as the 17" iMac
  • Shows off a 17" PowerBook, and then goes through the features, including a fibre-optic backlit keyboard
  • Made out of an "airplane-grade" anodized aluminum alloy
  • This PowerBook has the new Firewire 800 port and Bluetooth built in
  • 1:35:59
    Steve Jobs
  • Announces AirPort Extreme, based on 802.11g, running at 54 Mbs
  • Says that 802.11a is doomed to failure since it's not compatible with 802.11b
  • Base station can serve up to 50 users, and supports bridging and USB printing
  • The AirPort Extreme costs $199
  • 1:40:29
    Steve Jobs
  • Replacable battery lasts 4.5 hours
  • The 17" PowerBook will be bundled with QuickBooks and sold for $3299 starting in February
  • One More Thing...
    One More Small Thing...
    12" PowerBook
  • Announces the 12" PowerBook, the smallest PowerBook Apple has ever made
  • Shows off the 12" PowerBook, smaller than the iBook in every dimension
  • Has a 5 hour battery life
  • The 12" PowerBook will sell for $1799 starting in two weeks
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    Apple's Phil Schiller & Jony Ive, writer Aaron Sorkin, photojournalist Kevin Gilbert, and musician Brian Transeau talk about the new PowerBooks
    We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    It's enormous, it's expansive, it's awe inspiring, and it's not alone
    We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    The next big and small things from Apple (with Verne Troyer & Yao Ming)
    Rumor Acknowledgment
    Rumor Acknowledgment
    "Rumor sites said this was going to be the most boring Macworld in history"
  • Reviews the day's announcements
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