The quick reference guide to Apple's keynotes
Macworld SF 2002
Tuesday, January 8, 2002
1 hour, 53 minutes
Moscone West
Livestream & Public & Press
Steve Jobs
A standard definition version is available on YouTube.
Steve Jobs
  • Shows some quotes of reviews of the iPod
  • 125,000 iPods sold by December 31
  • 2:24
    Steve Jobs
  • 27 Apple retail stores now open
  • Shares some other statistics about how the retail stores are doing
  • 4:45
    Steve Jobs
  • The state of Maine wants to equip every 7th and 8th grader with iBooks, and has ordered 36,000
  • Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    "1 down, 49 to go"
    Mac OS X
    Steve Jobs
  • Shows some quotes of reviews of Mac OS X
  • Now have 2500 apps, including Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft
    Microsoft Adulation
    "Microsoft did a terrific job on this"
    Third Party Demo
    Third Party Demo
    Adobe's Shantanu Narayen & Russell Brown
    InDesign, AfterEffects, & Photoshop for Mac OS X
    Third Party Demo
    Third Party Demo
    Palm's Todd Bradley & Ken Freeman
    Palm Desktop for Mac OS X
    Final Cut Pro
    Mike Evangelist
  • Does a demo of Final Cut Pro 3.0
  • 24:47
    Mac OS X
    Steve Jobs
    Third Party Demo
    Third Party Demo
    Wolfram Research's Theodore Gray
    Mathmatica for Mac OS X
    Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    Dave Barry's integral ∫ (1/cabin)cabin simplifies to log(cabin)
    Third Party Demo
    Third Party Demo
    Aspyr's Mike Rogers
    Harry Potter game for Mac OS X
    Third Party Demo
    Third Party Demo
    Lucasfilm's Dan Gregoire & George Lucas (prerecorded video)
    Using the Mac to make Star Wars Episode II
  • Starting today, all new Macs will default boot to Mac OS X
  • 40:11
    Digital Hub
    Steve Jobs
  • Reiterates the digital hub strategy, introduced a year ago at the last Macworld San Francisco
  • In the last year, Apple has released iMovie 2, iTunes 2, and iDVD 2
  • Does a demo of these apps
  • Apple has sold over a million blank DVD discs
  • 52:32
    Steve Jobs
  • Notes that 6 million digital cameras sold last year in the United States
  • Introduces iPhoto, an app that handles importing, editing and printing digital photos
  • But this is just the ante, says Steve. They also need to store, organize, and share the photos
  • Does a demo of iPhoto, after taking a photo of Connie in the audience
  • Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    On selecting a new default photo editor in iPhoto preferences: "Unfortunately, I don't have Photoshop running on X yet"
  • Steve ends with his favorite feature, the ability to automatically lay out a book and have it printed by Apple
  • iPhoto is a free download available today
  • Reviews the commercials for the digital hub that have aired this past year
  • We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    Baby Jack
    Steve Jobs
  • Shows some quotes from reviews of iBook
  • Rejiggers the Good, Better, Best lineup of iBooks, lowering the price of the low-end model, and sliding the high-end down to the middle slot
  • With the room leftover at the high-end, Apple is introducing a 14" iBook
  • 1:21:45
    Steve Jobs
  • Goes over the three-year evolution of the iMac by playing some of the commercials
  • We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    About as un-PC as you can get
    We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    There's no step 3
    We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    Rolling Stones' "She's a Rainbow"
    We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    Heated leather seats sold separately
    We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    Snow: Cream's "White Room"
    We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    Sage: Kermit's "Bein' Green (It's Not Easy)"
  • 6 million iMacs sold
  • Introduces the all-new redesigned iMac, and announces each feature as a customer request, to which Apple says "Yes"
  • The new iMac has a flat-screen 15" LCD, a G4 chip, can run a SuperDrive, and a nVidia GeForce2 MX graphics card
  • Explains the design by saying they wanted an all-in-one where each element is true to itself: a flat-screen that is flat, and a computer that is horizontal
  • Pedestal Reveal
    Pedestal Reveal
    The new iMac
  • Shows off the new design of the iMac, and then goes into more details with the slides
  • Itemizes the three models, starting at $1299
  • Genentech has ordered 1000 iMacs
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    Apple's Jony Ive and Phil Schiller, plus photographer Annie Leibovitz, musician Seal, and filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola talk about the new iMac
  • Says their strategy is to innovate, and their competitors have been retrenching and laying off
  • Free Audience Giveaway
    Free Audience Giveaway
    A copy of the latest issue of Time Magazine, with the new iMac on the cover