The quick reference guide to Apple's keynotes
Your life. To go
Tuesday, May 1, 2001
41 minutes
Apple Town Hall
Steve Jobs
A standard definition version is available on YouTube.
Mac OS X
Steve Jobs
  • Apple is shipping an automatic software update today that allows CD burning in Mac OS X
  • 1:20
    Steve Jobs
  • The percentage of Macs sold that were notebooks has been rising from 20% last year to 28% this year
  • Shows some quotes of reviews of the PowerBook G4 Titanium
  • The iBook is expressly designed for students, teachers and consumers instead of selling them old business laptops
  • Over 700,000 iBooks sold since its release in September 1999
  • The new iBook is 4.9 pounds, 1.3" thick, has 60% more pixels at 1024 x 768, a 5-hour battery, Firewire, ethernet and antennas, which is better than the old iBook and also Compaq's and Dell's consumer notebooks
  • A choice of four optical drives: CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-RW or ComboDrive
  • Will come out in four different models starting at $1299 in mid-May
  • The new iBook isn't made of titanium, but takes some design cues from the new PowerBook
  • Brings out a Dell consumer notebook, and then the new iBook. "I don't think it could be more black and white"
  • Waiting
    Uncomfortable Waiting
    Apple employees pass out iBooks for members of the press to look at
    "We're counting these to make sure we got them all back"
  • A member of the press asks about colors. Steve replies "You're looking at it"
  • 18:21
    Digital Hub
    Steve Jobs
  • Talks about the new Digital Hub strategy
  • 19:26
    Steve Jobs
  • 2 million downloads of iTunes since January
  • 19:99
    Steve Jobs
  • Says the new iBook works well with iMovie
  • 20:22
    Steve Jobs
  • Says the new iBook works well with iTools
  • 21:06
    Steve Jobs
  • Announces the slogan "Your life. To go"
  • Does a demo of the new iBook, showing off the larger screen and Mac OS X
  • Apple cares deeply about Education and has been helping since 1977
  • Posits that the future of Education is wireless portable computers, with the computers coming to the students instead of students going to a computer lab
  • Says the Apple is #1 in education notebooks and wireless in education
  • iBook starts at $1299 in retail channels, but will be $1199 for education customers
  • Announces they've already received an order for 23,000 iBooks from Henrico County Public Schools in Richmond, Virginia
  • Third Party Appearance
    Third Party Appearance
    Henrico County's Dr. Mark Edwards
    We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    Apple's Phil Schiller, Jony Ive, Jon Rubenstein, and Cheryl Vedoe along with Computer Stores' John Landforce, Web Designer Matty Sallin, 12th grader Consuelo Molina, 6th grader Harry Tannenbaum, Henrico County's Dr. Mark Edwards, and teacher Debra Mattos talk about the new iBook