The quick reference guide to Apple's keynotes
Macworld SF 2001
Tuesday, January 9, 2001
1 hour, 50 minutes
Moscone West
Livestream & Public & Press
Steve Jobs
A standard definition version is available on YouTube.
Steve Jobs
  • Mentions the livestream statistics
  • 1:24
    Mac OS X
    Steve Jobs
  • Goes through (again!) the architecture of Mac OS X
  • Public beta has been a success, with 100,000 copies sold
  • Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    "We've had 75,000 [feedback submissions], some of them quite long"
  • Gives some quotes of the positive feedback, requests for new features, and concerns
  • Does a demo of some of the new features in Mac OS X
  • "We see the Finder as just another app...some beginners may never even use the Finder. So [apps] can manage their own files, and present them in much more intuitive ways than a file system. We're going to be moving in that direction over time."
  • Says there are 1200 "brand name" apps for Mac OS X, with most coming out in the summer
  • Third Party Demo
    Third Party Demo
    Alias|Wavefront's Richard Kerris
    Maya for Mac OS X
  • Mac OS X goes on sale March 24 for $129, and will be pre-loaded as the default OS on new Macs in July
  • 28:45
    Steve Jobs
  • The PowerMac G4 has been "coasting along" at 500 MHz for 18 months. "That's too long, isn't it." New top speed is 733 MHz
  • Four new models of PowerMac G4, with single processors running at 466, 533, 667, and 733 MHz, with the 533 model available with build-to-order dual processors
  • The models will have CD-RW drives standard across the line, but the slide sneaks the word SuperDrive onto the top-end model
  • Referring to the SuperDrive, Steve says "What's this?", and shows a picture of the moon landing. "It's a big deal"
  • Shows a 2 x 2 matrix of optical drives, with columns of CD and DVD, and rows of Read and Write. Says that they missed how popular CD-RW would be, and that the new ComboDrive will cover three of the quadrants this summer. When Steve asks what the last quadrant is, where DVD and Write intersect, an audience member yells "SuperDrive"
  • Says that a drive that could write DVDs that can play in consumer players would cost $5000, yet the SuperDrive will be bundled with all top-end models for $3499
  • Shows a slide that says "Power to Burn: CDs, DVDs, and Pentiums"
  • 36:41
    Phil Schiller
  • Does a speed showdown between a PowerMac G4 733 MHz and a Pentium 4 1.5 GHz running a Photoshop script
  • 39:07
    Steve Jobs
  • Brings up the megahertz myth, saying the 733 MHz G4 ought to be marketed as a 2.0 GHz chip
  • On most computers, burning a CD uses bizarre software, like "toast"
  • Does a demo of burning a CD by inserting into a Mac, naming the CD, and dragging files onto it
  • Bottom two models available today, top two in February
  • New PowerMacs have a new audio system, and Pro speakers will be available for sale separately
  • A new 15" Studio Display has a new lower price of $799
  • 43:13
    Digital Hub
    Steve Jobs
  • Displays an image of a gravestone marking the death of PCs
  • Shows a quote from Walt Mossberg about PCs becoming boring, and some from Compaq's and Gateway's CEOs saying the PC business is less important
  • Says that Apple disagrees, and that PCs are evolving. The first age of PCs was productivity. The second age was the Internet. Steve predicts the third age will digital lifestyle
  • The Mac can become the digital hub, interconnecting all your devices
  • Goes through the example of iMovie, adding lots of value to camcorders
  • 50:46
    Steve Jobs
  • Says that there is a music revolution happening, with people wanting to rip and burn CDs
  • 320 million CD-R discs sold in the United States last year
  • People also want to listen to Internet radio and use digital music players
  • Goes through the current apps that offer some of these solutions: Real Network's player, Windows Media Player, and MusicMatch's player, and declares that they are too complex and have large restrictions
  • Introduces iTunes, Apple's integrated music application
  • Does a demo of iTunes, ripping Love Shack by the B-52's, importing 1000 songs, playing and search for songs, building a playlist, burning a CD, loading a music player, and listening to Internet radio
  • iTunes will run on Mac OS 9 and is a free download available today
  • 1:09:53
    Steve Jobs
  • Says this product is a dream he has had for a while, but there are three hurdles, burning a disc, encoding it, and laying out the content
  • Calls the MPEG2 compression "fierce" three times, and normally costs a thousand dollars for hardware or is 25 times slower when done in software
  • Apple engineers have been able to use the G4's Velocity Engine to encode in twice the time as dedicated hardware
  • Introduces iDVD, and does a demo of it on a PowerMac that slides out to center stage. "Mobile computing," Steve remarks
  • Plays the first few seconds of the 1984 ad
  • Plays an iDVD he made earlier on a consumer DVD player that slides out to center stage
  • iDVD will be bundled with every Mac that comes with a SuperDrive
  • Apple will sell certified writable DVDs at a break-through price of $10 per disc
  • 1:29:00
    DVD Studio Pro
    Steve Jobs
  • A pro version of iDVD will be available for $995
  • 1:29:48
    Digital Hub
    Steve Jobs
  • Recaps the vision of the digital hub
  • 1:31:20
    Steve Jobs
    One More Thing...
    One More Thing...
    PowerBook G4 Titanium
  • Gives a clue as to what the final announcement is: the element Ti
  • A platform slides out to center stage with a cover on it, while Steve says we want "power" and "sex"
  • Announces a new PowerBook, the first with a G4 chip, and a 15.2" screen
  • Made out of titanium, "like the spy planes," it's stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum
  • Pulls off the cover and shows off the new PowerBook
  • We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    The incredibly thin, ultra-light, mega-widescreen, titanium portable supercomputer
  • Available in two models at 400 and 500 MHz for $2599 and $3499 at the end of January
  • Compares the new PowerBook to the older models and the competition
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    Jony Ive, Phil Schiller, musician Brian Transeau (BT),'s Jon Kamen, Jon Rubenstein, Genentech's Dennis Henner talk about the PowerBook G4 Titanium
  • Asks for a round of applause for the teams that made all this possible
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