The quick reference guide to Apple's keynotes
WWDC '99
Monday, May 10, 1999
1 hour, 51 minutes
San Jose Convention Center
Developers & Press
Steve Jobs
A standard definition version is available on Vimeo.
Intro Video
Intro Video
HAL tells Dave to enjoy the conference
Steve Jobs
  • 43% increase in attendees this year
  • 2:55
    Third-Party Software
    Steve Jobs
  • 3,106 Mac apps announced in the past year
  • Third Party Appearance
    Third Party Appearance
    Dragon Systems' Janet Baker
    Dragon Naturally Speaking for Mac
    Steve Jobs
  • Apple has continued to post profits and unit growth
  • Reduced inventory down to one day's worth, beating Dell
  • 7:53
    Steve Jobs
  • Goes over the 2 x 2 matrix of products
  • Talks about the new colorful iMacs, showing a few print ads for them and some market research
  • Announces that they will add Sears as an Apple distributor
  • 12:40
    Steve Jobs
  • Thrilled with the number of PowerMac G3's sold
  • 13:02
    Steve Jobs
  • PowerBook customers want 14" displays, DVD drives, better battery life and low weight
  • The new PowerBooks will have G3 processors running at 333 MHz and 400 MHz and are substantially lighter at 5.9 pounds
  • You can watch Austin Powers twice with 5 hour battery life
  • Available May 20 for $2499
  • Announces a giveaway of 50 PowerBooks at the conference, and actually pulls a name out of a drum to give away the first two to Richard Winkler and Greg Pierce
  • 21:47
    Steve Jobs & Avie Tevanian
  • Steve and Avie spend the rest of the keynote sharing the stage to talk about software, occasionally calling Phil up to do demos
  • Apple is going with OpenGL for its 3D API, and is shipping today, available on Apple's web site
  • 24:45
    Phil Schiller
  • Does a demo of X-Plane, landing a 747 at JFK airport
  • 27:45
    Steve Jobs & Avie Tevanian
  • MRJ 2.1.2, the fastest Mac Java ever is still about 30% slower than Windows, but they're working on it
  • Does some speed tests of Java 2 graphics on a PowerMac and a Pentium III PC
  • 34:04
    Steve Jobs & Avie Tevanian
  • 10 million people have downloaded the highest-quality QuickTime trailer for Star Wars The Phantom Menace
  • There have been a million downloads of the recently released QuickTime 4 player for Mac and Windows, with live streaming
  • Avie adds that downloads grew over time as confidence grew with the beta
  • Has several content partners including HBO, BBC, Bloomberg TV, and WGBH
  • Notes that RealNetworks gives away the player for free but charges "big bucks" for serving content, and that with QuickTime serving is basically free, with the streaming server code being open source
  • 42:54
    Phil Schiller
  • Does a demo of QuickTime 4, and mentions NPR is now available as a channel
  • Shows the trailer for Star Wars The Phantom Menace as a download
  • Streams some different channels
  • 53:41
    Mac OS
    Steve Jobs & Avie Tevanian
  • 8.5 was launched last October, and sold 3.6 million copies
  • Announces Mac OS 8.6, a free update with longer battery life and other updates
  • Gives a sneak peek of the next major release "Sonata", showing off Sherlock 2 and multiple user support
  • 58:44
    Mac OS
    Phil Schiller
  • Does a demo of Sonata, showing off Sherlock 2 and changing users on the same Mac, including using his voice as a password
  • 1:14:13
    Mac OS
    Steve Jobs & Avie Tevanian
  • Announces their first DVD product, the Mac OS anthology, which contains every version of the OS since System 7, for developers to test against
  • 1:15:09
    Mac OS X
    Steve Jobs & Avie Tevanian
  • Talks a bit about Mac OS X Server
  • Goes through the technology stack for the client version of Mac OS X starting with Darwin and Quartz
  • Announces a prebuilt Darwin environment available for download
  • 1:22:07
    Mac OS X
    Phil Schiller
  • Does a demo of Quartz, with Avie and Steve adding their own comments throughout
  • 1:25:44
    Mac OS X
    Steve Jobs & Avie Tevanian
  • On top of Quartz, three different development environments: Classic (formerly Blue Box), Carbon, and Cocoa (formerly Yellow Box)
  • 5500 apps "carbon-dated" in the last year, 95% of apps are ready for Carbon
  • Finder will be rewritten using Carbon, and Mac OS X will include a built-in Mail client written with Cocoa
  • 1:31:05
    Mac OS X
    Phil Schiller
  • Does a demo of the Finder and Mail apps, with Steve doing a digression on the Chooser from 1984
  • 1:40:19
    Mac OS X
    Steve Jobs & Avie Tevanian
  • Developer Preview 1 is available for developers today, with the caveat that they just changed many things with the "guts", so it might be a little broken
  • Developer Preview 2 will be available in the Fall, with 10.0 shipping in early 2000
  • Notes that they set an Apple record for having three WWDCs in a row with the same vice president in charge of software
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