The quick reference guide to Apple's keynotes
WWDC '98
Monday, May 11, 1998
1 hour, 29 minutes
San Jose Convention Center
Developers & Press
Steve Jobs
A standard definition version is available on YouTube.
We Made an Ad
We Made an Ad
Think different
Steve Jobs
  • Reiterates the preamble from the Apple Back on Track keynote last Wednesday, covering employee retention, CompUSA, visitors, market share growth, profit, market value, the new product matrix, and the Power Macintosh G3
  • We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    Pentium II chip on the back of a snail
    We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    Apologizing for toasting the Pentium II in public
  • Mentions that last Wednesday they introduced the PowerBook G3
  • We Made an Ad
    We Made an Ad
    The competition has been flattened (by a steamroller)
  • Stopped making the eMate, which used the Newton OS, and will come out with a Macintosh consumer portable in 1999
  • 15:00
    Steve Jobs
  • As a preamble, goes through the assets they have to go after the consumer market: A great brand, an install base, good marketing, great design, and ease of use
  • Apple has a install base of 22 million active Macintoshes
  • Speaks about fashion, and shows a photo of "the hottest watch in the world today", the Casio G-Shock
  • Shows off the new iMac by going to one and playing its intro video
  • Does the same Wintel comparison from the last keynote
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    Apple's Phil Schiller, Jony Ive, Jon Rubenstein, Broderbund's Ken Goldstein, University of Michigan's José-Marie Griffiths, AOL's Robert W. Pittman, and CompUSA's James Halpin talk about the iMac
    Software Strategy
    Steve Jobs
  • Been working on a new software strategy for 10 months
  • Going to talk about Mac OS, Java and QuickTime today
  • 29:40
    Steve Jobs
  • Lists all the different digital media, and the different standards they use
  • Likens QuickTime to PostScript
  • We Made a Video
    We Made a Video
    Apple's Tim Schaaff, Silicon Graphics' Eric Carlson, Media 100's John Molinari, Netscape's Mike McCue, Oracle's Larry Ellison, Macromedia's Norm Meyrowitz, Adobe's John Warnock, IBM's Dr. Willy Chiu, Showtime's Dirk Van Dall, Sun Microsystems' Scott McNealy, Fox Kids Network's Marni Gaylord Bernstein, HBO's Bruce Probst, and WGBH's Annie Valva talk about Quicktime
  • QuickTime dominates the creation and playback of file system driven media, and streaming over HTTP and live streaming with RTP is coming
  • 40:01
    Peter Hoddie
  • Does a demo of QuickTime streaming technology, while Steve poses in front of a camera
  • 44:28
    Steve Jobs
  • Announces plans to unify JUM, make it compatible and fast, and predicts a forthcoming caffeine benchmark score
  • 47:41
    Mac OS
    Steve Jobs
  • Rhapsody is great tech, but didn't give Apple what it wanted
  • Announces Mac OS X, descended from Mac OS 8 and Rhapsody
  • Gets rid of the worst 2000 APIs from Mac OS, and keeps the remaining ones and calls them Carbon
  • Pretty Decent Joke
    Pretty Decent Joke
    "Carbon. All life forms will be based on it"
  • Profiled a bunch of third-party apps to see how many are good to go with Carbon with a tool called Carbon-dator, and most are at least 80% ready to go, with 1-5 days to bring up in Carbon, 1-2 months for testing, compared to a complete re-write with Rhapsody
  • Mac OS X has protected memory, virtual memory, pre-emptive multitasking, multithreading, fast networking, fast file I/O, and is PowerPC native
  • Gives the schedule: Mac OS 8.1 shipped in January, Allegro will ship in September 1998 and probably be called 8.5, 8.6 will ship early 1999, and Sonata will ship in the third quarter of 1999
  • Rhapsody developer release 2 is available today, and 1.0 ships next quarter
  • Mac OS X beta will be available in early 1999, and 10.0 will ship in third quarter of 1999
  • 1:01:26
    Mac OS X
    Avie Tevanian
  • Does a demo with Jim Batson of the Rhapsody Developer Release 2, showing some apps they've converted from Mac OS 8
  • Brings up some "nasty" apps that would normally crash or lock up a Mac running Mac OS 8 but don't cause a problem in Rhapsody
  • Third Party Appearance
    Third Party Appearance
    Microsoft's Ben Waldman
    Speaks about Mac OS X
    Third Party Appearance
    Third Party Appearance
    Macromedia's Norm Meyrowitz
    Speaks about Mac OS X
    Third Party Demo
    Third Party Demo
    Adobe's Greg Gilley
    Photoshop for Mac OS X
    Steve Jobs
  • Summarizes the day's announcements
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