The quick reference guide to Apple's keynotes
Seybold New York 1998
Tuesday, March 17, 1998
42 minutes
Javitz Center, New York
Public & Press
Steve Jobs
A standard definition version, with the ColorSync section missing, is available on YouTube.
We Made an Ad
We Made an Ad
Think Different
We Made an Ad
We Made an Ad
Pentium II on the back of a snail
We Made an Ad
We Made an Ad
Apologizing for toasting the Pentium II in public
Steve Jobs
  • Speaks about the ColorSync technology Apple is developing
  • Announces that ColorSync will be coming to Windows
  • 4:39
    Steve Jobs
  • Seybold is using WebObjects for their articles web site
  • Shows the BBC site using WebObjects as well
  • Announces Apple is forming a consulting group about WebObjects in the publishing market
  • Native support for AppleScript coming in next Mac OS release nicknamed Allegro
  • 7:04
    Steve Jobs
  • QuickTime 3 just about ready to ship
  • Says that there are different standards for every facet of digital media, and QuickTime is like the PostScript of media
  • ISO has picked QuickTime as the basis for MPEG4
  • 12:40
    Phil Schiller
  • Does a demo of QuickTime 3, streaming video over the Internet and on an Intranet
  • Streams the Star Wars theme over a 14.4 modem and 56K modem
  • Corrects the color on a video sent from a PowerBook using ColorSync
  • 21:48
    Steve Jobs
  • Introduces the Apple Studio Display, Apple's first flat-panel display, a 15" 1024x768 display, available in May for $1999
  • Announces a FireWire card available for $299 in April, and a RAID SCSI card with dual 4GB drives for $1070 over standard 4GB
  • Brings Phil back on stage to help run a bake-off, a Power Macintosh versus a Compaq Pentium II computer
  • Announces a new Power Macintosh running at 300MHz, available today
  • One Last Thing...
    One Last Thing...
    A G3 running at 400MHz
  • Wants to show off a technology demonstration of a 400MHz made with copper technology, not yet available to buy
  • Gets all four big screens going, racing a Pentium II against PowerPC G3 266, 300 and 400 MHz
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