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Macworld Tokyo 1997
Monday, February 17, 1997
Makuhari Messe
Public & Press
Gil Amelio
The video of this keynote doesn't appear to have ever been published on the web.
Power Mac
Dr. Gilbert Frank Amelio
  • Unveils the Power Mac 9600/233, Power Mac 9600/200MP, Power Mac 8600/200, and Power Mac 7300, with prices from $2300 to $4750
  • Introduces the Power Mac 4400, made with more industry standard parts, with a lower price of $1700 to compete with Mac clones
  • PowerBook
    Dr. Gilbert Frank Amelio
  • Introduces the PowerBook 3400c, the fastest laptop in the world
  • It's the first PowerBook with a PCI architecture, EDO memory, and a PC card slot that can also be used as a zoomed video port
  • The 180 MHz and 200 MHz models will be available this week starting at $4500. The 240 MHz model in April for around $6500
  • QuickTake
    Dr. Gilbert Frank Amelio
  • Announces the QuickTake 200 digital camera, completely redesigned from the binocular-style 100 and 150, with a 1.8" LCD display as a viewfinder
  • Bundled with a 2MB SmartMedia card that can hold about 20 640x480 pictures
  • Available in March for $600
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